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Задание 7.Listening and Speaking Skills, 5b,Spotlight, 11 класс, Английский язык,О.В. Афанасьева,ГДЗ

Помогите ответить на вопросы по этому тексту:
Listening for specific information
Read the sentences and underline the
key words. They will help you familiarise
yourself with the content of the
recording. This will help you do the task.
A: Hi. I saw you moving in. Welcome to the
neighbourhood. I'm Jack Brown from next door.
B: Thank you. I'm Jane Russell. Nice to meet you.
A: Nice to meet you too. How are you settling in?
B: Well, I've still got a lot of unpacking to do but I
must go to the supermarket. Is there one nearby?
A: Yes, there's Morrisons on the main road. I can give
you a lift there if you like.
B: That's kind of you, but I have my own car, thanks. I
just couldn't find anywhere to park near here.
A: Yes, that can be a problem, but there are usually a
few spaces on the street behind this one or you
could buy a parking permit from the local council
then you can park in those spaces over the road.
B: Oh! That sounds like a good idea. Is a permit expensive?
A: It's about £180 a year. But if you work it out it's only
about 50p a day.
B: I see. Well, it doesn't sound so bad when you put it
like that. I think I'll get one.
A: I think it's a good idea.
B: Well, are the other neighbours as nice as you?
A: Ha ha. Hmm. Well, the Smiths live on the other side
and they are a nice family although their dog
sometimes barks at night. Then, the Greens live
over the road. They're a pleasant bunch and
everyone else is nice enough.
B: That sounds great. I think I'm going to like living here.
A: I hope so. Well, I'll go now but if you need anything
remember I'm just next door.
B: Thanks, see you.


1   B                      3 C                   5 C            7 B
2   A                      4 B                   6 A

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