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Задание 6.Listening and Speaking Skills, 5b,Spotlight, 11 класс, Английский язык,О.В. Афанасьева,ГДЗ

Помогите придумать диалог, пожалуйста:
Your neighbour’s dog is keeping you
awake at night. Act out a dialogue


Как-то так:
Suggested Answer Key
A: Can I have a word with you for a minute,
B: Sure. What is it?
A: Well, it’s about your dog actually.
B: What’s the problem?
A: Well, I’m sorry to say this, but it is keeping
me awake at night and I just can’t put up
with it any more.
B: But he’s a dog. Of course he sometimes barks!
A: You could let him sleep inside the house.
That’s what I’d do.
B: But he would make a mess and I would have
to spend all my time cleaning!
A: Yes. I appreciate that, but the barking is so
annoying. It really gets on my nerves.
B: I see. Sorry about that.
A: Also, my young son is having difficulty sleeping
and has been very tired during the day.
B: In that case, maybe I should take the dog in
at night.
A: Thanks.

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Нажимая кнопку «отправить», вы принимаете условия  пользовательского соглашения
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