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Задание 3b Study Skills. Informal letters. Spotlight. Английский язык. 10 класс. О.В. Афанасьева ГДЗ

Помогите плиз сопоставить параграфы с заголовками...
Read the letter and match the paragraphs with the headings below:
closing remarks
writer's feelings about the change
life in the new city
opening remarks/reason(s) for writting
Dear Jane,
1► How are you doing?
I’m really well, but it’s
taken me a while to settle in. It’s been four months now since
I moved, so I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how
I’ve been getting on.
2►Dublin is a really exciting city! There’s always something
going on. In fact, there are so many cafés,cinemas, sports
facilities and shopping centres that it’s sometimes difficult to
decide what to do! There are lots of interesting people here,
too. Even though I’ve only been here for a short time, I’ve
already made quite a few new friends.
3►I’m really enjoying life here, but I still miss Ashby from
time to time. It’s more industrial here and there are a lot
more traffic jams and crowds - I have to be really careful
when I’m riding my bike! What I miss most though is my old
friends - especially you!
Well, that’s all my news for now. Write back and let me
know what you’ve been up to since I last saw you. You’re
always welcome to come and visit - I’d really love that. Say hi
to the rest of the gang!


1 opening remarks/reason(s) for writing
2 life in the new city
3 writer’s feelings about the change
4 closing remarks

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