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Задание 3.Culture Corner.Writing Skills.6 .Spotlight, 11 класс, Английский язык,О.В. Афанасьева,ГДЗ

Помогите написать текст:
Explain the underlined
words. Use them in
sentences of your own.


Я бы сделал так:
occupation: state of being entered and
controlled by a foreign army
invasion: forcible entry of an army into a
foreign country
roughly: approximately
declining: becoming less and less frequent
native: original (of a country)
revived: brought back to existence
fluently: (spoken) well
Suggested Answer Key
1     During the German occupation of Europe,
many people learned the German language.
2       The wall around the fortress protects it
from invasion by enemies.
3      Roughly half of all the students in the
school can speak English fluently.
4       The number of French-speaking Canadians
is declining due to changes in the language
5      She speaks Italian, but her native language
is Spanish, as she grew up in Spain.
6      Hebrew was an extinct language until it
was revived in the 19th century.
7      After living in France for almost twenty
years, he speaks French fluently.

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