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Задание 2.Grammar in Use, 5c,Spotlight, 11 класс, Английский язык,О.В. Афанасьева,ГДЗ

Кто сможет правильно вставить слова в упражнение ?
Complete the sentences with the
correct modal verb in the appropriate form.
must/have to mustn’t/can’t
don’t have to/needn’t should/ought to
can/may could/might can/could
will/should can/would can/shall
1      You ......  stop at a red light, (necessity/
strong obligation)
2      You ......  park on double yellow lines.
3      You ...... drive when there is a good public
transport system. (lack of necessity)
4      ....... I give you a lift? (offer)
5      We........ go to the cinema tonight. (suggestion)
6      ....... you help me carry the shopping? (request)
The new road reduce the traffic in the
city centre. (future certainty)
7      The car...... fit in that parking space. (inability)
8      People ......  walk their dogs in the park as
long as they clean up any mess. (permission)
9       They ...... decide to move house. (possibility)
10      People ........  walk in the town centre safely
now that it has been pedestrianised. (ability)
11     You..... get a job away from the city if you
don’t like living there. (advice)


Вот правильный ответ:
1     must/have to                        7    will/should
2      mustn’t/can’t                       8   can’t
3      don’t have to/needn’t 9            can/may
4       Can/Shall                          10     could/might
5      can/could                          11    can/may
6      Can/Would                        12    should/ought to

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