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Задание 11.Writing Skills.6e .Spotlight, 11 класс, Английский язык,О.В. Афанасьева,ГДЗ

Как сделать правильно:
Choose one of the rubrics (A or B) and write
your essay. Then, exchange essays with a
partner and use the checklist below to
evaluate each other’s work.
•    Does the essay have paragraphs clearly laid out?
•    Is it written in the correct style?
•    Are the advantages and disadvantages discussed
in two separate main body paragraphs?
•    Does each main body paragraph have a clear
topic sentence introducing the topic of the
•    Does each topic sentence have clear supporting
sentences giving details/examples/justifications?
•    Have appropriate linking words/phrases been
•    Is there an interesting ending that gives an opinion
or a balanced summary of the topic?


Надо так:
Suggested Answer Key
A These days, it seems that wherever you
turn, you see or hear something in what has
become the world’s lingua franca, English.
Because of this, it has been suggested that
all children should learn English from a
young age. There are, however, both pros
and cons to this complicated issue.
There are many reasons why learning English
at a young age is a good idea. To begin with,
children learn quicker and better than adults.
There minds are still developing and are
receptive to new concepts. In addition, having
another language when they leave school will
be an incredible advantage in the job market
On the other hand, there are those that say
that learning another language as a child is
useless. Firstly, many children will not
need another language in their daily lives.
Also, that children should be concentrating
on their native reading and writing skills,
not those of a foreign country.
To conclude, there are two very different
sides to this controversial issue. It is very
much a matter for the individual parents
involved. But we should not forget the
Czech proverb, ‘Learn a new language and
get a new soul.’
B When was the last time you read a
newspaper from front to back page? Not
surprisingly, most people get what little
they know about the world from sound bites
on the television. It is possible, however, to
use a newspaper as a sole source of
information. As with most things though,
there are advantages and disadvantages.

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