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Выучите № 87 ГДЗ Английский 9 класс Биболетова М.З.

Read, translate and learn.
We worked out a plan for our holiday trip.
For two weeks I've been working on a funny newspaper for my dad's birthday.
Who would you like to work with: Rick or Sharon?
My sister-in-law works for a well-known foreign company.
She gets on with anyone. She’s an ideal roommate.
Why do you get up so early? On holiday you can sleep longer than usual.
Get out of here! This place is not for walking dogs.
I      know Dick pretty well. I think we'll be able to get along.
Imagine! My cousin, who is sharing a room with me at the moment, has given up smoking.
My new friend is not reliable. He keeps giving away my secrets.
The American Olympic team gave in after all.


 Прочитайте, переведите и выучите.
То work out — решать, составлять.
То work on — работать над.
То work with — работать с.
То work for — работать на.
То get on with — уживаться.
То get up — вставать.
То get out — уходить.
То get along — ладить.
То give up — оставить, отказаться.
To give away — раздавать, выдавать.
То give in — уступать, сдаваться.

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