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Выберите 2B № 2 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a) Choose the correct word. Check in the Word List.
1   A: Mike got arrested for committing/permitting a crime.
Shoplifting I think.
В: I know. He’s been hanging out/in with a really rough/tough crowd!
2   A: Did Tom ask you to tell/say a lie for him again?
B: Yes. I did it, but it let/made me feel guilty.
3   A: Why are you picking at/on her? She’s really upset.
В: I know, I really deny/regret it. The others made/let me do it.
4   A: Her new boyfriend is a bad effect/influence on her.
She’s started smoking, you know!
B: Yes, she’s been missing/losing lessons, too.
5   A: What’s come/gone over Alex? She’s totally changed her
B: She wanted to match/fit in with her friends.
b) Fill in: persuade, resist, give in, influence, discourage, dissuade. Which are opposites?
1   Sam allows friends to......... his decisions too much.
2    I can’t believe they managed to.......... you to dye your hair
3    Sue wanted to start wearing black makeup like her friends,
but I managed to......... her!
4    My friend Jane asked me so many times to go skiing with
her that I finally had to...........
5   The constant teasing from his friends was starting to............
6    You should........ peer pressure and stand up for what you


a) Choosing the correct word
•      Explain the task.
•    Allow Ss time to complete the task and
check their answers using the Word List.
Answer Key
1    A: committing                 4 A: influence
B: out, rough                      B: missing
2     A: tell                               5 A: come
B: made                               B: fit
3     A: on
B: regret, made
b) Practising vocabulary
•      Direct Ss' attention to the verbs given.
•      Explain the task and complete item 1 as an
example. Allow Ss a few minutes to complete
the rest of the task.
•     Check Ss' answers.
Answer Key
1     influence             4  give in
2     persuade              5  discourage
3     dissuade              6  resist
opposites: persuade and dissuade
resist and give

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