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Узнайте Across the Curriculum 3 № 3 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Portfolio: Work in groups. Find out about a charity or organisation that protects human rights e.g. UNICEF, UN, Amnesty International and present it to the class. You could find out: where its offices are, what it does, who it protects, how you can get involved etc.


Presenting a charity/organisation that protects human rights
•      Arrange Ss in groups and explain the task.
•      Brainstorm charities/organisations that protect
human rights in Russia and write them on the
•      Allow Ss time to conduct their research. (Ss will
need access to the library/ Internet).
•       Invite groups to present their information to
the class.
Suggested Answer Key
The Human Rights House Foundation has offices
in Oslo, Warsaw, Moscow, Sarajevo, Bergen, and
London. Since 1989 it has been working to
enhance co-operation between various human
rights groups. It helps provide free legal aid to
victims of human rights abuses and improves
the security of human rights defenders. It hosts
meetings, seminars and offers training.
The Human Rights House in Moscow is located
at the Russian Research Centre for Human
Rights, 4 Luchnikov Lane (Building 4, Doorway 3,
Suite 2). It was established in 1992. The
Centre monitors and protects the rights of
soldiers, prisoners, children, the disabled, the
mentally ill, and refugees. The Centre also
facilitates cooperation between different non-
governmental organizations in Russia by
providing financial, technical and educational
support for their activities.
The Centre conducts regular projects and
holds exhibitions to promote their work. If you
are interested in finding out more
information, or would like to participate in
one of their projects, contact: HYPERLINK
“mailto: hrcenter@hro.org” hrcenter@hro.org

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