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Use of English. Spotlight on Exams. Module 4. Spotlight. Английский язык. 10 класс. О.В. Афанасьева ГДЗ

Люди, дайте списать как будет правильно написать слова в тексте...плизз
Choose the best word (A, B, C or D) for each gap (1-7).
With its bright stripes and loud roar, the Siberian tiger is truly an impressive animal. Indigenous to eastern Russia, north-east China and parts of North Korea, the Siberian tiger can 1)................ a length of 286 cm which 2)....... it the largest tiger aliveSiberian tigers are fierce predators and primarily hunt wild boar and elk. 3).......... to the fact that their prey is found across wide areas, the Siberian tiger requires large territories to survive. An adult male cat will roam a territory up to 1,000 km2
The tiger moves through its territory 4)........ and hunts at night. Using its keen vision and hearing along with a powerful 5)......... of smell, it sneaks up on its prey stealthily. Its stripes help camouflage it 6) ..........  the tall grass. It can run extremely fast over short distances and can leap 3 metres in a single bound! 
Unfortunately, there are only a few hundred Siberian tigers left in Russia and 7).......... fewer in China and North Korea. We all need to come
together to protect the Siberian tiger and its habitat.
1     A    grow       B    reach        C    expand     D    develop
2      A   does        B     makes      C     causes      D     creates
3      A   Due         B     Because   C     Since        D     As
4       A   alone      B     solo          C     lonely      D     one
5       A   feeling    B     sense         C     taste          D     nose
6       A   on            B     with          C     across      D     in
7       A   still          B     much        C     just            D     even


Hi, catch right answers
1 В
2   В
3  А
4  А
5  В
6  D
7  D

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