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Use of English.Spotlight on Exams.6 .Spotlight, 11 класс, Английский язык,О.В. Афанасьева,ГДЗ

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Complete the gaps with the correct word(s) formed
from the words in bold.
What’s in a Name?
You might think that a name is just a
name, but the reality is much more
interesting than that and goes back to the
1)....... of human society........... BEGIN
To start with, everyone has a first name, a
surname and 2)...... a middle name, don’t OCCASION
they? Not always. In Mongolia, until recently,
people only had a first name, something that
probably caused a lot of confusion. Also, not
alt 3)....... are addressed by a given first NATION
name. In China, the family name comes first
with the given name following.
Your family name says a lot about your
ancestors. Common English surnames, like
Baker and Butcher, tell us what 4)........ a OCCUPY
long-dead relative had. Names like Hill, Field
and Rivers tell us where people used to live.
Johnson means son of John, and in Scotland
the prefix Mac means the same.
Given first names often refer to a 5)... CHARACTER
that parents would like their children to have
such as Sophia, which stands for wisdom, or
Anna meaning grace. Perhaps something royal
is more 6)...... ? How about Steven and Sara, PREFER
meaning crown and princess.
Whichever name you go by, one thing is
certain, it goes with you for life. Even if you
are one of the 7)..... ones (Abbie Birthday or         LUCK


Вот помощь:
Answer Key
1     beginning                    5  characteristic
2      occasionally                6  preferable
3      nationalities                7  lucky
4      occupation

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