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Unit 1. № 85. ГДЗ Английский язык Enjoy English 7 класс Биболетова. С кем можно согласиться?

Read what four people think about computers. Who do you agree with? Why?
Clare (17):
I really enjoy using my computer. It's so interesting. I can make new friends and chat with them on the Internet. Now I have two close friends from Italy and Canada. Next summer we are going to meet in Paris and spend a week together visiting museums and painting. Painting is our hobby. Besides, the Internet helps me in my studies. I can find the necessary information and ideas on the Internet and then use it in my work.
Jason (12):
I’m learning how to use the computer. It's very important for me because I want to be a computer programmer. I enjoy playing computer games. It's so exciting. Sometimes I am lucky and sometimes I am not, but I hate losing and try my chances again.
Mr O'Neal (their father):
Computers offer wonderful opportunities for everybody. But I think that young people spend too much time using computers. They don’t have time (and sometimes wish) for communication with their relatives and friends, for reading, sport and other traditional hobbies. Computers are dangerous and addictive (вызывают привыкание).
Mrs O'Neal (their mother):
I hate computers. Children sit in front of them for hours. It's bad for their eyes. They can’t stop playing cruel and silly games. They become nervous, angry and tired. Computers are a waste of time. Children use them only for games and don’t really learn anything.


Прочитайте, что думают о компьютере другие люди. С кем вы согласны и почему?
I agree with Mr. O’Neal. Computers are very important in our life and it is one of the best and necessary inventions. We do a lot of work on computers and nowadays we and our work depend on them. But children and teenagers spend too much time playing computers. That is why they absolutely have no time to enjoy the real life, playing football or basketball or some other team games. They lose their opportunity to spend an interesting life.

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