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Улучшите 4E № 9 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Improve the extract below by replacing the words in bold with more vivid/descriptive words. Use a dictionary and the ideas in Exs. 6 «& 7 to help you. Compare with a partner.
"Be careful!" my mum said happily as I left on that nice Friday morning, just like she always did. I walked fast towards the bus stop, happy about the nice day ahead. I had just arrived at the busy bus stop, when suddenly I saw a motorbike coming towards me! There was a loud noise and I went up into the air before falling down onto the ground...


Rewriting an extract using vivid/descriptive vocabulary
•      Select a S to read out the extract to the class.
•      Ask how we can improve the writing (by using
more vivid/descriptive adjectives).
•      Ss complete the task with the help of a
dictionary and the ideas from exercises 6 and 7.
•      Ss compare their version of the text with a
Suggested Answer Key
said happily shouted merrily; exclaimed
joyfully; remarked delightedly
nice fine; pleasant; lovely; charming
walked fast dashed rapidly; ran speedily;
happy pleased; joyful; over the moon;
busy bustling; crowded; hectic
saw glimpsed; spotted; noticed
coming being driven; moving; screeching
loud noise crash; bang; screech
went flew; sailed; soared
falling crashing; slamming; dropping

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