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Сравните 3C № 4 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a Compare the sentences. How do they differ in meaning.
1    a) He continued shouting,
b) He continued to shout.
2     a) He advised me to call the police.
b)      He advised calling the police.
c)       We were advised to call the police.
3     a) You need to mow the grass.
b)    The grass needs mowing.
c)     The grass needs to be mowed.
D Fill in the gaps with an appropriate
-ing/infinitive form.
•       Remember that some shops only allow you 1).....
(pay) by credit card if you have additional ID.
•       We encourage you 2).. (sign) your new card before
you start 3).. (use) it.
•       In the event of your card 4). (be) stolen or lost, we
advise 5)..... (report) the loss as soon as possible.
•       The bank needs 6).... (notify) immediately if you
change your address.
•       Banks do not permit you 7).. (exceed) your credit


a) Explaining differences in meaning
•      Write up the sentences from item 1 on the
•      Invite Ss to comment on the difference in
meaning between them. Refer Ss to the
Grammar Reference section as necessary.
•      Ss discuss items 2 and 3 with a partner.
Collect feedback from the class.
Answer Key
1     a) He did not stop shouting.
b) He went on shouting.
2    a) Someone that I know suggested that I
call the police.
b)     Someone suggested to call the police.
(to who is unknown)
c)     Someone (unknown) formally suggested
to us to call the police.
3    a) The grass needs mowing. You are going
to do the job.
b)     The grass needs mowing. (general
statement not intended for anyone in
c)     Someone will have to mow the grass.
Completing a text
•      Draw Ss' attention to the text and gaps 1-7.
•      Explain the task. Allow Ss some time to
complete it individually.
•      Check Ss' answers around the class.


Answer Key
1      to pay                     5  reporting
2       to sign                    6  notifying/to    be  notified
3      using/ to use            7 to exceed
4      being

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