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Составьте проект № 101 ГДЗ Английский 9 класс Биболетова М.З.

 Make up an entertainment project for
the whole class for the coming holiday.
Use the following guidelines. The
expressions below can be helpful.
•    Work out a suggestion about what to do
or where to go. Prepare the arguments for
this entertainment activity.
•    Present your project to the class. Be ready
to disagree with some of the students. Try
to convince them that your project is the
•     Vote for the best project and select a winner.
Our idea of a good holiday is...
We can have quality time. It's not only
entertainment but it's also very good for
your health / and mind and can extend
your interests.
It will be gorgeous! It will be a wonderful show!
It will be great!
I     can't see anything against it.
That sounds OK... but...
I'm against this idea.
I don't feel like...
You'll be delighted!


 Составьте проект развлечений для целого класса на грядущие праздники. Используйте нижеследующие указания. Выражения ниже могут быть полезными.
Our idea of a good holiday is a trip round Europe. We are absolutely sure, that this kind of spending a holiday can’t be computed with anything else. Just imagine: you will see the European best cities, the most famous rivers, buildings and statues, the most spectacular views and places just in one month! It will be not only the month of pleasure, but the month of extremely beneficial spending your time. I mean that it’s not only entertainment, but it’s also a very good way to extend your mind. We’re sure you will be delighted to spend your holiday this way!

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