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Сопоставьте слова 4E № 10 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Match the words in columns A and B, then use the alliterative phrases to complete the sentences (1-6).
1      Greg............... when he heard the good news.
2       ............ to help yourself to a sandwich, Ann.
3       Why don’t you invite Tim to the picnic, too.
.............. !
4       I couldn’t believe they had cheated me.
“Well, you.................... !”, my mum said.
5       You’ll feel as............. in a few days.
6       The delicious dinner Mike cooked was.......................


Matching words to form alliterative
•      Elicit from the class what ‘alliteration' is and
why it is used (the repetition of a sound at the
beginning or ending of words in a sentence; it is
used to draw out attention to certain words).
•      Draw Ss' attention to columns A and B and
explain the task.
•   Ss answer individually and then compare answers
with a partner.
Answer Key
feel - free
right - as rain
well worth - the wait
live - and learn
jump - for joy
the more - the merrier
1     jumped for joy
2      Feel free
3       the more the merrier
4       live and learn
5      right as rain
6    well worth the wait

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