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Сопоставьте 1C № 7 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a Match the sentences to their meanings. Are there similar
structures in your language?

b Fill in used to, be/get used to and/or would where possible.
When I was a child, my family 1)............ live
in a little cottage in the countryside. The
farmer across the road 2)................ keep
cows and chickens and we 3)............ often
buy milk and eggs from him. We 4)............
have two sweet little dogs. In the summer holidays,
 my brother and I 5) love playing
with them in our huge garden. Sometimes we 6) wake up early in the morning and go on a
bike ride in the woods until nightfall. When I was 10, we moved to Toronto. 17) (not) living in a big city with so much noise and pollution. I missed my old friends and the friendly people. After some time I 8)         the crowded streets and hurried people. Ieven 9)  living in a small flat. Still, even now I miss my village.
C What did you/didn’t you use to do on holiday when you were a child? Discuss.


a)  Matching sentences and their meanings
•      Instruct Ss to close their books.
•     Write the following sentences on the board
and draw Ss' attention to the different
structures. Check their meanings using Ss' L1.
I'm getting used to the cold, wet weather in
England. (an action in progress now)
I've been jogging for so long that I'm used
to getting regular exercise. (an action that
has become a habit)
I used to like eating fish but I don't any
more. (a past state that is no longer true)
As a child I would always look forward to my
birthday.(a repeated action in the past)
•     Ask Ss to match the sentences in Ex. 7a with
their meanings.
•     Check Ss' answers.
Answer Key
1c 2 a 3d 4 b
Consolidating the use of used to,
be/get used to and would
•     Allow Ss time to fill in the gaps and compare
answers with a partner.
•     Select a S to read out the text to the class.
Answer Key
1     used to    4 used to               7  wasn’t used to
2     used to    5 would                 8  got used to
3      would     6 would/used to      9 got used to
c)  Talking about personal experiences in the past
•      Read out the rubric. Ask Ss to discuss the topic
in groups of 3 or 4.
•     Monitor the activity, checking Ss' use of the
Suggested Answer Key
I used to visit my grandparents’ cottage by the
I used to spend all day at the beach. I would
hunt for seashell to make a collection.
Some days I used to play chess with my
We used to go often to the town nearby for an
evening stroll. etc

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