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Работайте № 18 ГДЗ Английский 9 класс Биболетова М.З.

Work in groups of 3 or 4. What type of holiday would you like to have? Choose
one of the possibilities and explain your choice. Use the words in the box below.
Unit 1 Section 1
horse-riding holiday      seaside holiday     sightseeing holiday      mountain-climbing holiday
to have a chance to observe wildlife
to combine comfort and adventure
waste of time
to be good at swimming and diving
noisy and crowded
swimming suit and flippers (ласты)
to learn the origin of old customs and traditions
to see many places in a short time
snowy peaks
company of real friends
camping under the stars
to feel like a real ranger
staying in a good hotel with organised activities
to be bored from doing nothing
to be close to nature
swimming and diving
to be of historical and cultural interest
to leam about architecture styles
to explore the world
dangerous and risky
courageous people
Example: I’d rather go on a horse-riding holiday because...


Работайте в группах no 3 или 4 человека. Какой тип праздника вам бы хотелось?
Выберите одну из возможностей и обоснуйте свой выбор. Используйте слова из
As for me, I prefer a sightseeing holiday because I can learn the origin of old customs and traditions, see many places during a short period of time and I won’t just waste my time. Moreover, I will have a chance to learn about architecture styles, if I wish.

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