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Прочитайте Going Green 3 № 1 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

What is a ‘green citizen’? Read the introduction to find out.
S1: A green citizen conserves as much water as they can, for example by always turning off the tap when... etc.
We are all citizens of Planet Earth and rely on it for food, air, water and much more, so not only is it our responsibility to care for the environment, it’s also in our best interests! So, how much effort are you making to reduce your impact on the environment? Are you a bright green citizen or more of an embarrassing shade of red?
1   I try to conserve water e.g. by taking short showers, not letting taps run, keeping water in the fridge instead of letting the tap run to let it get cold, etc.
2     I walk, ride my bike, rollerblade, carpool1 or use public transport whenever I can.
3     I ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ as much as I can!
4     I try to learn about nature by visiting wildlife reserves and/or national parks.
5     I put coffee grounds/fruit and vegetable peels etc on a compost heap.
6     I take part in local environmental projects e.g. litter collection/tree-planting/recycling projects etc.
7     I buy unprocessed, organic and locally-grown food.
8     I check that the products I buy, e.g. cleaning products, electrical equipment, are safe for the environment.
9     I turn off computers/lights/electronic equipment when I’m not using them.
10    I buy from environmentally responsible businesses.
11    I use rechargeable instead of disposable batteries.
12    I refuse plastic bags in the supermarket and use my own cloth bags instead.
13    We use energy-saving light bulbs at home instead of ordinary ones.
14    I buy products in bulk with as little packaging as possible.
15   lam generally interested in environmental issues and try to stay informed. sharing the use of one car


Introducing the topic
•      Write the term ‘green citizen' on the board.
Explain to Ss that they are going to do a quiz to
find out how ‘green' they are.
•      Select a S to read the introduction of the quiz
to the class.
•      Ss think of as many examples of being a ‘green
citizen' as they can in small groups.
•       Invite a few groups to present their ideas to the
class. List Ss' ideas on the board.
Suggested Answer Key
A ‘green citizen’ is someone who tries to
reduce his/her impact on the environment as
much as possible.

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