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Прочитайте Culture Corner 4 № 1 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a)  Look at the picture of Florence Nightingale and read the letter she wrote. What was this woman’s profession and what is she describing?
b)  Why do you think Florence was called ‘The Lady With the Lamp’? Read the main text to check.
Explain the meaning of the underlined words. Use a dictionary.

Barrack Hospital, Scutari 14th November, 1854
Not a sponge, nor a rag of linen, not anything I have left. Everything is gone to make pillows and shirts. These poor fellows have not had a clean shirt nor been washed for two months before they came here, and the state in which they arrive from the transport is literally crawling. I hope in a few days we shall establish a little cleanliness. But we have not a basin, nor a towel, nor a bit of soap, nor a broom - I have ordered 300 scrubbing brushes. But one half of the barrack is so out of repair that it is impossible to use a drop of water on the stone floors, which are laid on rotten wood, and would give our men fever in no time.


Introducing the topic (reading for
specific information)
•      Focus Ss' attention on the picture and explain
that it is of a famous person - Florence
•      Allow Ss time to read the letter and answer
the questions.
•      Confirm the correct answers.
Answer Key
Florence Nightingale was a nurse and she is
describing the conditions in the army hospital
where she worked.
b) Reading for specific information
•      Ask Ss the question in the rubric.
•      Allow Ss time to read the text silently.
•      Confirm the correct answer.
Answer Key
She was called ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ because
of her habit of checking on the men at night with
only lamp to guide her way.
c) Explaining vocabulary
•      Draw Ss' attention to the underlined words
in the text.
•      Ss explain their meanings using a dictionary.
Suggested Answer Key
unventilated: (room or building) without fresh
unsanitary: dirty and unhealthy
filtered: gradually made its way

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