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Прочитайте 1C № 4 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a Read the examples.
1             The Queen is to visit Australia next month. (formal)
2             Hurry up! The train is about to leave. (near future)
3 Ann is on the point of resigning from her job. (near future)
4             Our flight is due to take off at 7am. (timetables) 5 Your plan is bound/sure/certain to work, (certainty about the future)
b Use the expressions below to complete the text.
• are about to • is due to • on the point of • are to • bound to
I     am afraid that our local shoe factory is 1).........................................
closing down. The management 2) .....................................  hold a
public meeting to discuss the situation on Wednesday.
The meeting 3).......................... start at seven o’clock in the
evening and I hope that they will find a solution
because closure of the factory is 4)..................................... cause a
lot of problems. It employs many people from the town and already the workers’ union have said they 5) take industrial action.


a)  Reading about future events
Read the example sentences with Ss around the
class. Explain that they express different kinds
of future events, some more formal/ certain or
nearer in the future than others. Ask Ss to
provide similar examples of their own using the
language presented.
Suggested Answer Key
I think she is about to cry.
Karen is on the point of going to the police if
her neighbours don’t stop making noise.
The film is certain to be a success.
Her baby is due in January.
b)  Completing a text using new vocabulary
•      Explain the task. Allow Ss a few minutes to
complete it individually.
•     Ss compare answers with a partner.
Answer Key
1      on the point of             4 bound to
2      are to                             5 are about to
3     is due to

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