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Привет! Поможете заполнить пропуски. Модуль (Module) 5.Culture Corner № 2. ГДЗ Английский язык Spotlight 10 класс Афанасьева.

Complete the gaps (1-8) with the correct words derived from the words in brackets. Listen and check. Then, explain the words/phrases in bold.
The London Eye
Would you like to get a bird’s eye view of London, as well as having the experience of a lifetime? If so, take a
1)......... (thrill) ride on the London
Eye, the big wheel built in 2000 for the millennium
The Tower of London
The Tower has served many
purposes in the past. It has been a prison, a medieval palace, a fortress and an
arsenal. It’s an 2)............
(amaze) place to visit! You can see the incredible Crown
Jewels and the 3)............
(fame) Beefeaters in their 4)............ (usual) costumes.
The London Dungeon
If you like to be scared out of your wits, this is the place for you! Go deep underground and learn about the Great Fire of London, Jack the Ripper1 and The Great Plague. You can also try to get out of a scary labyrinth of mirrors.
Not an experience for the faint-hearted, but you will 5)............. (thorough) enjoy telling your friends about it.
Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
The original Globe Theatre burnt down in a fire started by a cannon which was fired
during a 6)............ (perform). The most recent Globe.
which was completed in 1997, isn't just a theatre. It runs
7)........... (education) workshops and lectures for
schools and there's a permanent 8)............. (exhibit)
showing visitors what the theatre was like in Shakespeare’s time.


Заполни пропуски (1-8) правильными словами, об­разованными от слов в скобках. Прослушай и проверь. Затем объясни выделенные слова/фразы.
1 thrilling
2 amazing
3  famous
4  unusual
5  thoroughly
6  performance
7  educational
8  exhibition

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