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Привет! Помогите выбрать вариант. Модуль (Module) 2d № 5. ГДЗ Английский язык Spotlight 9 класс Ваулина.

Read the text and match the phrases (A-G) to the gaps (1-6). There’s one extra phrase.
Dear Jane,
Hi. How are you? I hope you are well. Sorry it’s been so long since
I've written, 1)..............
Well, I love my new house and neighbourhood! The neighbours
are fantastic 2)............. A young woman called Kate lives next door.
She watered my plants for me 3)............... She also walks my dog for
me from time to time. too. I really like her a lot and we often go out
to the cinema or for a coffee together. Mrs Green who lives across
the road is really nice. She watches my house in the evenings
when I’m out and in return I do a bit of shopping for her 4)....................
It’s completely different from where I used to live, 5)................ on the
street and play loud music late at night. No one was friendly there.
My old neighbours 6)................... If I had known how much better
things could be, I would have moved house a lot sooner!
I     really love it here. I’m so glad I moved. How are things with you?
Write back soon and tell me all your news. Perhaps you can come
for a visit some time.
Love, Paula
A while I was away last weekend
B would peep at me from behind their curtains
C who is very nice and friendly
D and I’ve made friends with some of them already
E where the kids next door would drop litter
F but as you know I’ve been busy moving house
G or some other small errands


Прочитайте текст и заполните фраза­ ми (А-G) пропуски (1-6). Здесь одна лиш­ няя фраза.
1)  F; 2) D; 3) А; 4) G; 5) Е; 6) В.

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