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Привет! Помогите выбрать слова. Модуль (Module) 1d № 5. ГДЗ Английский язык Spotlight 9 класс Ваулина.

a) What is a ‘Sweet Sixteen’? Read the text and choose the correct word for each gap.
A sweet sixteen is a 1).... type of birthday party for young girls in the USA. It is a type of coming-of-age event and it is a major 2) in a teenage girl’s life.
Whenever there is a party, most girls get really excited about it so you can imagine how much fuss is made about a sweet sixteen party. Many girls spend most of their senior year of junior high school talking about and planning their parties - what theme to have, where to 3) it and, of course, what to wear!
How big the party is 4).. mostly on the budget of the parents. Some parties are very 5)... They take place at a hotel with a band, rich food, a photographer, flower arrangements and much more. Other kinds of
sweet sixteen parties are more casual. Some girls have a barbecue or even a beach party. Others 6) on dinner and a trip to the theatre in a limousine. However they choose to celebrate though, everyone wants
1   A    specific            B    special         C particular     D     unique
2   A    experience     B    party            C event            D     happening
3   A   enjoy           B       do             C       keep            D       hold
4   A    depends         B    relies           C    bases              D    rests
5   A    formal           B    informal     C    casual            D    strict
6   A    select              B    decide         C    choose           D    prefer
7   A    remind           B    think           C    remember D      recall
b) Think of a celebration you enjoyed a lot. Describe it to
the class. Talk about: what the celebration was,
where/when it happened, who was there, how you felt.


а) Что такое Sweet Sixteen? Прочитай­ те текст и выберите подходящие слова, чтобы заполнить пропуски.
‘Sweet Sixteen’ is a type of birthday party.
1)  B; 2) C; 3) D; 4) A; 5) A; 6) B; 7) C.

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