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Привет! Помогите описать! Lesson 17. № 16. ГДЗ Английский язык 4 класс Верещагина.

—     Alec’s old country house;
—     his new flat in Moscow;
—     the place you live in.


-        старый загородный дом Алека
Alec’s old country house was small and not very comfortable It
wasn’t very clean, either (тоже нет). There were two rooms in it. The
rooms weren’t large, either (тоже нет). Alec had a small kitchen, a
bathroom and a toilet.
-        новую квартиру в Москве
Alec’s new flat is rather small, but it’s very clean and comfortable.
There is a colour TV in a big room. Alec has got his own (свою
собственную) room. It’s rather large. There is a desk and a bookcase
in his room. There are many interesting books in Alec’s bookcase.
The walls in his room are yellow and there are beautiful pictures on
them. Alec has got a nice brown carpet on the floor. The carpet makes
the room comfortable.
-        жилье, где ты живешь
Let me tell about my flat. I live in a big block of flats. I live far from
the centre of Moscow, but I like the place I live at. My flat is rather
small, but it is very comfortable. My mother runs the house, some-
times we help her about the house, so we keep our flat very clean.
There are three rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet in our new
flat. In our kitchen you can cook food and wash up dishes. There is
cold and hot running water in our kitchen and in our bathroom.
There is a table, an armchair and a colour TV in our big room. We put
a Christmas tree there when we celebrate Christmas and the New
I have got a room. It is my favourite room. It is not large. In fact, it is
rather small. When you come to my room, you can see a big blue win-
dow in front of you. You can also see a nice bookcase on the right.
My bed is behind the bookcase. There are many different books in the
bookcase. There is a desk near the window. There are books, exercise-
books, pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, a diary and a timetable on the
desk. There is a schoolbag and a uniform on the chair near the desk.
The walls in my room are brown and yellow. On the walls you can see
many beautiful coloured pictures. I have got a wonderful navy blue carpet on the floor. I always feel very comfortable when I’m at home.
How I like our flat!
There are trees in our yard in front and behind our house. There are
many beautiful flowers in front of the house and many trees behind it.
I often play football, hide-and-seek in the yard in summer. In winter I
often make a snowman, play snowballs and hockey. There are always
many cars in the yard. I often go for a walk in our yard.

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