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Привет! Нужна помощь! Lesson 14. № 16. ГДЗ Английский язык 4 класс Верещагина.

An American boy would like to know more about our school. What
can you tell him about Russian primary schools?


  Мальчик из Америки захочет узнать больше о твоей школе. Что
ты можешь рассказать о начальной школе в России?
In Russia school usually begins at the age of seven. Sometimes it begins at
the age of six. Many boys and girls usually leave school at the age of sixteen.
In my country the school year usually begins on the first of September.
We never start our school on Saturday or on Sunday. If the first of Sep-
tember is a day of the weekend, the school year can begin on the second or
on the third of September. It often rains in autumn so the weather is some-
times bad on the first of September. Classes don’t begin on the first of
September, but pupils usually bring their schoolbags, pens, pencils, rub-
bers, rulers, books and exercise books to school on the first of September.
Classes usually begin at half past eight. We sometimes play outdoors and
meet our friend before we go to school. We have hot tea and a very tasty
piece of cake at noon for breakfast. In classes we always sit at the desks,
not on the floor. Our lessons are more formal than yours. We learn many
interesting things at school.
I learn how to count, how to read, draw, sing, keep the streets clean and
many other interesting things. We don’t look at the animals as you do. Our
classrooms are very big and clean. Children sometimes have P.E lessons
outdoors in autumn and in spring when it is warm and in winter when they
ski a lot.

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