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Помогите заполнить пропуски! Модуль (Module) 2c № 1. ГДЗ Английский язык Spotlight 9 класс Ваулина.

Complete with the -ing form, to-infinitive or infinitive without to. Find examples in the text. Check in the Grammar Reference section.
"Sleep tight, don't let the bugs bite!"
You may think your little brother or sister is the only one who wants to ‘bug’ you at home. Well... think again!
These insects teed on our blood while we
- sleep. Yuck! However, they have difficulty laying eggs if the temperature is below 10°C. They are always glad to find a warm place, so keep
bedroom cool!
You probably have millions of these at home, but they're far too small to see! Dust mites like eating dead skin and hair. Vacuuming a lot helps to get rid of them.
Cockroaches live in warm, dark
places. They can't stand living in
clean bright areas. They can carry nasty diseases, so don't let them live in your house. Don t expect to get rid of them easily, though! Cockroaches can live for up to a week without their heads! Gross!


Дополните формами с -ing, инфинити­ вом с to или без. Найдите примеры в тек­ сте.
•       like/love/prefer/don’t  mind/can’t  stand,   etc+ -ing form (examples: dust mites like eating, they  can’t stand living)
•      can/must/may/will, etc + infinitive without to (examples: you may think, they can carry, cockroaches can live)
•      look forward to/have difficulty (in)/be used    to,
+ -ing form (examples: they have difficulty laying)
•       kind/sad/lucky/clever/glad,  etc  +  to-infinitive
(examples: they are always glad to)
•        manage/want/expect/offer/help/promise,   etc  +
to-infinitive (examples: the only one who wants    
vacuuming ... helps to get rid of, don’t expect to get rid of)
•   let/make/hear/see/feel + infinitive without to
(examples: don’t let them live)

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