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Помогите выбрать правильный ответ. Модуль (Module) 5b № 7. ГДЗ Английский язык Spotlight 10 класс Афанасьева.

a Read the questions (1-4) and the possible answers (A-C). What do you expect to hear?
b Listen to the speakers. For questions 1-4, choose A, В or C. Which words helped you to find the answers?
1    You will hear a woman talking about her holiday. How does she feel?
A disappointed      В angry       C satisfied
2    You will hear an advert for a holiday. What kind of holiday is it?
A backpacking              В package holiday C working holiday
3    You will hear a man talking about something he has just heard on the radio. What is his reaction? A He’s worried.              В He’s not worried.
C He’s excited.
4     You will hear a woman talking about the weather on her holiday. What was it like?
A As expected for the time of year.
В Really excellent.
C Not very good at all.


b Прослушай говорящих. Для вопросов 1-4 выбери А, В или С. Какие слова помогли тебе найти ответ?
1 В
2  С
3  А
4  С

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Можно ввести 4000 cимволов
Нажимая кнопку «отправить», вы принимаете условия  пользовательского соглашения
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