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Помогите с заданием про 1 апреля! Модуль (Module) 1f № 1. ГДЗ Английский язык Spotlight 9 класс Ваулина.

a) Read the theory, then fill the gaps with words derived from the words in brackets.
Forming Past/Present Participles -ed, -ing
We use -ed participles to describe how we feel and -ing participles to describe what something or someone is like.
We got bored (How did we feel? Bored.)
The play was boring. (What was it like?Borinq.)
Dependent prepositions
"I find April Fool's Day quite 1)....... (tire). I can't stand
people playing silly jokes on one another all day long. It's so
2)..... (annoy) I Also I always feel 3)...... (embarrass) when
someone tries to play a trick on me.
Young people seem to get all 4)........ (excite) about it though.
It's 5)..... (amaze) how they keep coming up with ways to
fool people. You would think that they would get 6).
(bore) after a while, but no. What's even more 7)...
(surprise) is the number of people who forget about
April Fool's Day and get caught out. Anyway. I'm glad It only goes
on until midday. Imagine how 8)..... (exhaust) it would
be for someone to play tricks on you all
day long."
b) What do you think of April Fool’s Day? How
do you feel about playing tricks and having
tricks played on you? Tell the class.


а) Прочитайте теорию, затем заполни­ те пропуски словами, образованными от слов в скобках.
1)   tiring;
2)    annoying;
3)    embarrassed;
4)    excited;
7) surprising;
8) exhausting.

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