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Помогите с рисунком. Unit 2. Section 1. № 3. ГДЗ Английский язык Enjoy English 9 класс Биболетова.

Work in groups of 2 or 3. Look at the pictures and explain how the means of travelling developed. Use some of the phrases from the box. Present your story to the other groups.
•       to be dangerous and exhausting (изматывающий)
•       to take ages to get to...
•       to suffer from unknown diseases, hunger, thirst, and wild animals
•       to travel by sea / by air / by train / by car
•       to travel across the desert
•       to sail across the ocean
•       to make travelling much easier and safer
•       to enjoy nice food while travelling
•       to get to the opposite side of the planet in hours
•       to enjoy luxury travel


Работайте в группах no двое или трое. Посмотрите на картинки и опишите виды путешествия. Используйте словосочетания из рамки.
The first means of travelling were animals, such as horses and camels. But this kind of travellingis dangerous and exhausting, and it took ages to get to another town or country. The situation with sailing wooden ships wasn’t better. Such ships went in the direction of the wind, so it was very difficult to steer it. Then hot air balloons were invented, but they were also slow and difficult in operating. Travelling became much easier and safer only when air liners, steam engine passengers and steamships were invented. They are still the most popular means of travelling because they help you to get to the opposite side of the planet in hours. However, in the last century modern ocean liners, express trains and speedy cars appeared which made travelling even faster.

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