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Помогите с докладами. Модуль (Module) 6e № 8. ГДЗ Английский язык Spotlight 10 класс Афанасьева.

a Compare the two reports on p. 113. Which is appropriate? Why? Which model (A or B) contains:
1    short forms?
2     a variety of adjectives?
3    everyday vocabulary?
4     formal linking words/phrases?
5     passive voice?
6     phrasal verbs/ idioms?
7     longer sentences?
8     advanced vocabulary?
9     colloquial expressions?
10     a polite, impersonal tone?
11     factual language?
b Find examples of formal language in model A.
с List the phrases in model A which mean the same in model B.


а Сравни два доклада на странице 113. Какой бо­лее подходящий? Почему? Какая модель (А или В) со­ держит:
A is appropriate. Because it is in a formal and impersonal style.
1  B
2  A
3  B
4  A
5  A
6  B
7  A
8  A
9  В
10 A
11 A
с Напиши список фраз в модели А, которые значат то же самое в модели В.
A: The purpose of this report is to assess standards at Amirit restaurant.
B: This report is to let you know how good Amirit res­ taurant is.
A: Amirit offers a wide range of Indian cuisine, ... B: There’s so much food to choose from at Amirit!
A: The staff at Amirit are efficient, professional and po­ lite.
B: The waiters at Amirit are really cool.
A: While prices at Amirit are on average higher than at other Indian restaurants, the quality of the dishes is far su­ perior.
B: Amirit will cost you a fortune, so it’s much cheaper to go to another Indian restaurant down the road!
A: ... excellent value for the standard of food which is served.
B: ... the food is well worth the money.

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