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Помогите ответить 4E № 3 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Read again and answer the questions in pairs.
1    Which paragraph sets the scene? How?
2    What is the climax event and what happened before it?
3    How does the story end?
4    How does the writer begin/end the story in an interesting way?


a)  Reading for detailed understanding
•      Allow Ss time to read the text again. Ss
answer the questions in pairs.
•  Select individual Ss to present their answers
to the class.
Answer Key
1      The first paragraph sets the scene.
2       The climax event is Greg rescuing the
survivors. Before that, a helicopter had
crashed into the sea.
3       The story ends with Greg receiving a medal.
4       To begin the story in an interesting way, the
writer describes a quiet scene of Greg relaxing
before the adventure starts. The story ends
with an award for bravery that stresses the
danger and excitement of what happened.
b) Reading to understand the use of tenses
•      Allow Ss some time to re-read the text and
find examples of different tenses.
•      Ss explain how each tense is used with the
help of a partner.
•      Check Ss' answers.
Answer Key
simple present: I’m (direct speech)
simple past: came in; started; was; rocked;
refuelled; went back; happened; hit; sent;
watched; swallowed; sent; leapt; yelled;
lowered; was able; said; were
simple past (passive): were airlifted; was
past continuous: was drinking; was going; (was)
past perfect: had just started; had run aground
Simple present is used here to describe Greg’s
feelings and emotions.
Simple past is used for events that happened
once in the past of the story.
Past continuous is used for an action that was
interrupted by another action or to emphasise
the duration of an action.
Past perfect is used to for a past action that
happened before another past action or before
a stated time in the past.

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