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Подчеркните 3D № 7 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

How does the
convict’s way of speaking differ
from Pip’s? Underline the parts of
the convict’s speech that show us
this and say what they mean. Why
do you think Dickens did this?


Understanding the author’s use of register
•      Ask Ss to underline the parts of the text where
the convict speaks.
•       Invite individual Ss to ‘translate' what the
convict is saying.
•       Invite Ss to comment on Dickens' use of language.
Answer Key
The convict speaks rudely with slang expressions
and poor grammar, while Pip speaks politely and
formally with correct grammar.
Show us where you live: Show me where you live
Pint out the place: Point to the place
What fat cheeks you ha’ got: What fat cheeks
you have got
I could eat ’em: I could eat them
Now lookee here!: Listen well
Who d’ye live with - supposin’ I kindly let you
live, which I han’t made up my mind about?:
Who do you live with - assuming I generously
allow you to live, something which I still have
not decided
And you know what wittles is?: And do you
know what wittles are?
You bring ’em both to me: Bring them both to me
Dickens was trying to show the different
backgrounds of the two characters and the
different class of each character. (Magwich -
lower working class criminal; Pip - educated
middle class)

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