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Перечислите 4C № 1 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a) Read the text and list the passive forms in
the text. What are the active forms?
Approximately £2 million pounds’ worth of damage has been caused by a fire that broke out at Carson High School last night The fire was still being fought in the early hours of this morning and Fire Chief Jack Beil said it was one of the worst fires he had ever seen. The debris is being cleared away today and an investigation into the cause of the fire will be started. Until the cause of the fire is discovered, the police are treating it as arson. Reports had been made the night before that two suspicious characters were seen in the area. Their identity has yet to be discovered. Anyone who has information which may help the police should contact their local police station.
b) Which word do we use to introduce the agent? (i.e. the person/thing that performed the action) When do we omit it? Find examples in the text.


a)  Understanding the passive voice
•      Read out the box to the Ss. Ask Ss to say why
the passive is used (to emphasise the action
rather than the person who performed the
action). Write the two sentences on the
board and ask Ss to label them S (subject), P
(predicate), O (object) and A (agent).
All employees (S) must sign (P) the form (O).
The form (S) must be signed (P) by all
employees (A).
•      Draw Ss' attention to how the passive is
subject + to be + past participle of
main verb + agent (by)
•      Read the text to the class. Explain that it
has a total number of 8 passives in it. (Refer
Ss to the Grammar Reference section for all
the forms of the passive).
•      Ss work in pairs to find all the passive and
active forms in the text.
•      Check Ss' answers by eliciting answers from
various pairs and writing the answers on the
Answer Key
passive: has been caused; was still being
fought; is being cleared away; will be started;
is discovered; had been made; were seen; has
yet to be discovered
active: broke out; said; was; had ever seen;
are treating; has; may help; contact
b)  Understanding how/when to  introduce agents
•      Read out the questions in the rubric.
•      Allow Ss time to answer in pairs.
•      Check answers as a class.
Answer Key
We use ‘by’ to introduce the agent.
‘By’ + agent is omitted when it is obvious,
unimportant, unknown or already mentioned
who/what is doing the action. For example,
‘The fire was still being fought’ (by
firefighters); ‘An investigation will be started’
(by the police).
with agent: ‘damage has been caused by a fire’
(we need to know what caused the damage)
without agent: ‘debris is being cleared away’
(by cleaners); ‘until the cause of the fire is
discovered’ (by the police); ‘reports had been
made’ (by persons unknown); ‘characters were
seen’ (by persons unknown); ‘their identity has
yet to be discovered’ (by the police)

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