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Ответьте № 6 ГДЗ Английский 9 класс Биболетова М.З.

Answer the questions.
1   What does Jason look like after his
summer holiday?
2   What did Jason do on holiday? What were
his job responsibilities?
3   Why did he work? For money or for fun?
Give your reasons.
4   Did Julia work when she was on holiday?
Why do you think so?
What do you think she was busy with?
5   How does Julia feel about Jason’s job?
Does she feel surprised?
Docs she take him for a fool because he
worked hard the whole summer?
6   What could Julia mean by saying ‘‘Look
here, if your uncle needs more help, can
I come, too?”


Ответьте на вопросы.
1)    Jason is very tanned, just as if he were at the seaside during his holidays.
2)  Jason spent his holidays with horses, because his uncle works with horses on farm, and Jason was allowed to help him. His job responsibilities were to take care of the horses — to feed and groom them — and to clean the stables.
3)   Jason certainly worked not for money, but for fun and pleasure looking after horses. I think so because he says that horses are so beautiful, that he enjoys spending time with them even though he came home more dead than alive.
4)   I think Julia didn’t work during her holidays, because she was really shocked, when Jason told her, that he had worked. I suppose Julia was busy with relaxing, watching videos and going to discos.
5)   Julia feels very surprised with the fact, that her friend has been working during the holidays. She even thinks that he is silly, as he is going to continue working at farm after summer. So, of course, she treats Jason just like a fool.
6)  I think that Julia thought a little bit and decided to go working at farm with Jason.

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