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Ответьте 4E № 2 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Look at the picture and read the title of the
story and the first paragraph. Where does the
story take place? Who do you think is/are the
main character(s)? What do you think might
Listen, read and check.

On that windy autumn day, Greg Gibson, a member of the helicopter rescue unit with the US coastguard, had just started his shift. He was drinking a steaming hot cup of coffee when a distress call came in.
> A freighter with a crew of 26 onboard had run aground in the Bering Sea. Two helicopters including Greg's and a coastguard boat started a rescue operation to save the crew of the sinking ship. The sea was rough and strong gusts of wind rocked the helicopters, but despite the terrible weather, the rescue mission was going like clockwork and 18 people were quickly airlifted to safety. The helicopters refuelled and went back to pick up the final crew members, but just as the second chopper was ready to return something awful happened.
> A gigantic wave hit the ship and sent a huge wall of water up into the air. Greg and the other rescue workers watched in horror as it swallowed the helicopter and sent it crashing into the sea. Greg leapt into action instantly. "Quick! Let's get them out of here!", he yelled. Hovering 150 feet above the water, Greg lowered the rescue basket with such accuracy that he was able to collect the survivors from the stormy sea without wasting a single second.
> After an exhausting few hours, everyone was safe and sound and recovering in hospital. "I'm glad that's over," Greg said and he and his crew were relieved that they were all back on dry land and their friends and co-workers were alive. A few months later, Greg was awarded a gold medal in recognition of his skilful and brave performance under pressure.


Predicting the content of a story;
reading/listening for confirmation
•      Focus Ss' attention on the picture and the title
of the story (An Amazing Rescue). Elicit from Ss
what they think the story might be about/what
might happen in the story.
•      Read the first paragraph to Ss. Elicit where the
story takes place (at sea) and who the main
characters might be (Greg Gibson and other
rescue workers).
•      Ss read and listen to the recording to check
their predictions.
Suggested Answer Key
The story takes place at the sea. The main
characters are Greg Gibson and perhaps other
coastguard members.
I think a rescue is about to take place.

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