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Ответьте 4E № 17 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a)  Work in pairs. Read the rubrics,
underline the key words, and answer
the questions.
1     Who will read each story?
2      What will each story be about?
3      Who could the main characters be?
4      How many paragraphs will you write and what will you write in each?
Your teacher has asked you to write a story called ‘Trapped!’ Write your story (120-180 words).
You have decided to enter a short story competition in a magazine. The story must end with the sentence: ‘What a miraculous escape!’ Write your entry for the competition (120-180 words).
b)    Choose one of the rubrics and write your
story. Follow the steps below.
Steps for writing stories
● when & where the story takes place
●  who the main characters are & what they are like
●  your basic plotline (make a list of the main events in the order they happen)
●   what your climax event will be
●   what you will include in each paragraph
●   how the characters feel in the end
● an interesting beginning that sets the scene and attracts the attention of the reader
●   a main body that describes the development of your story
● an ending that will leave a lasting impression on your reader
Check that
●   your story has a clear beginning, main body and ending
●   you have used appropriate tenses throughout
●   you have included appropriate linking/sequencing words
● you have used language that is vivid and descriptive i.e, more complex
●   you have made use of some narrative techniques such as similes, metaphors, alliteration etc
●   you have included some direct speech to liven up your story
●    your spelling, punctuation & grammar are correct


a) Understanding rubrics
•       In pairs Ss read the rubrics, underline the
key words and answer the questions.
•      Elicit answers to the questions in the rubric
from various pairs.
Answer Key
A key words: story called ‘Trapped!’
1      Your teacher.
2     It’s about someone being trapped
3      A young person out exploring.
4     Four paragraphs. Para 1- set the scene;
paras 2 and 3 - develop the story;
para 4 - end the story by describing
people’s feelings/the consequences.
B key words: short story competition,
magazine, end with ‘What a miraculous
1     Magazine readers.
2      It’s about someone who escaped disaster.
3      A magician.
4      Four paragraphs. Para 1- set the scene;
paras 2 and 3 - develop the story;
para 4 - end the story by describing
people’s feelings/the consequences.
Writing a story
•      Ask Ss to choose one of the rubrics and to
write their stories using the ‘Steps for
writing stories.'
•       Invite Ss to read out stories to the class and
call for feedback.
Suggested Answer Key
A                               Trapped!
The day dawned full of hope. I was holidaying at
my uncle’s farm and today I would go exploring
the surrounding area. ‘Don’t worry about me,
Uncle,’ I shouted merrily as I walked into the
dark forest.
The light and warmth of the sunlight faded as I
made my way deeper and deeper into the wood.
The trees seemed to lean in and whisper among
themselves and before I knew it I had lost my
way. Trying to find the path back, I came across a
cave and entered for shelter suddenly plunging
down a hidden hole just inside the entrance.
I must have blacked out, but for how long I
didn’t know. I could see nothing as I tried to
peer through the pitch-black darkness. I tried
to stand but a pain shot up my leg and I
collapsed, helpless on the floor.
After some time lying motionless on the floor,
I heard a growling sound that made my hair
stand on end. My mind raced as I thought of
what was in the cave with me. I felt like a
mouse trapped before the cat. What happened
next I will never understand as I must have
passed out from fear.
The next thing I knew was that I woke up in my
bed at my uncle’s farm. A search, headed by
my uncle, found me and returned me home
safe and sound. I cried tears of joy when I saw
my uncle and tried to inquire if there was
anything else found in the cave but I could
only stutter. My uncle hushed me and said ‘you
are one very lucky young lady’. If he only knew
the half of it! I thought grinning.
Suggested Answer Key
B                  A Magical Evening
The wind danced leaves around his feet as Tom
hurried to catch the opening of the
performance. The theatre doors opened
welcomingly and he took his seat just in time
for the raising of the curtain.
‘The Amazing Andy, ’ being the cheapest night
out in a city of extremely cheap nights out was
not his first choice, but short of cash and tired
of TV, Tom needed some form of entertainment.
Andy came out on stage to a cool ripple of
applause and commenced with a series of
childsplay card tricks that Tom had seen one
hundred and one times before and better. The
best was, thankfully, yet to come.
Amazing Andy put on handcuffs and then
chains and then ropes and then climbed into a
sack after being blindfolded. Raised up over
the stage and dropped into a tank full of
ferociously ravenous piranhas, Amazing Andy
was now in a lot of trouble.
The lights were switched off and th

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