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Ответьте 3B № 6 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Listen to the speakers. For questions 1-3, choose A, В or C.
1    You will hear someone talking about their schooldays. Why did he feel bad?
A Some boys at school were bullying a classmate.
В He got into trouble with the older boys.
C He waited too long before doing something about the problem.
2    You will hear a woman interviewing a passerby. Who does the man feel should be mainly responsible for protecting the environment? A the government
В the general public C environmental organisations
3    You will hear a woman talking about a ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ scheme. How does she feel about it?
A She regrets that she can’t be a part of it. В It’s essential in fighting crime.
C It enables everyone to get involved.


Listening for specific information —
answering multiple-choice questions
•       Play the recording.
•       Tell Ss to select the correct answer and circle
their response.
•     Play the recording again so Ss can check their

1      An incident that happened at school when I was 10
years old really stuck in my mind. One of the boys in
the class was being picked on by some older boys.
The rest of us were too afraid to help him because
we didn't want to get beaten up too. It went on for
ages before I eventually found the courage to say
something to the teacher. But on the day that I had
decided to speak up, the boy told us all that he was
leaving the school and moving to another city. I
always felt bad about that afterwards.
2      A: Excuse me. May I ask about your views on
environmental protection, please?
B: Sure.
A: Do you think the government is doing enough to
solve the problem?
B: Well, the laws are there but they are just not
being enforced. I know that people are becoming
more aware of the issue but the problems are still
A: What do you think should be done?
B: Well, I've just joined the local environmental
group. We do lots of things to help the
environment. But the main thing is for everyone to
do a little bit every day.
3 To tell you the truth, I wasn't too keen on getting
involved in the scheme when I first moved into the
area. I don't have a lot of free time and I usually
prefer to keep myself to myself. Anyway, I went
along to one of their meetings, just to see what
they do, and I realised what a good idea it is. I
mean, our neighbourhood doesn't have a really
serious problem with crime, but if everyone keeps
an eye on things, we can help keep it that way.
The police can't be everywhere all the time!

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