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Объясните слова 4B № 6 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Explain the words/phrases in bold, then in pairs read out the dialogue.
Doctor: Good morning. It’s Miss Andrews, isn’t it? 1)............
Patient: Well, I’ve had a headache and a sore throat for a few days and now I’ve got this strange rash with itchy spots.
Doctor: Hmm. 2)...................
Patient: Yes, I think I’ve got a slight one.
Doctor: OK, let’s have a look at the rash. Ah ... just as I thought! 3).........
Patient: Chickenpox! Well... errr... no, actually. 4).....................
Doctor: I’m afraid so. It’s highly contagious, so you should stay away from others for about another week.
Patient: OK. 5)...................
Doctor: I’m afraid not, but I can give you a prescription for some ointment to help the itching. Put it on three times a day for five days. You should make a full recovery within a fortnight.
Patient: OK, thank you, doctor. 6).............
Doctor: Only if you are worried for any reason. Here’s your prescription. I hope you feel better soon!


Developing vocabulary
•      Explain the task.
•      Encourage Ss to guess the meaning from the
context before using a dictionary if necessary.
•      Ss complete the task by giving an example,
explanation or a synonym.
•      Check answers with the class.
•     In pairs, Ss read out the dialogue.
Suggested Answer Key
rash: lots of small red spots on the skin
itchy spots: uncomfortable raised marks on
the skin that you want to scratch
contagious: easily caught/passed on
prescription: written note from doctor
authorising treatment/medicine
make a full recovery: become completely well
fortnight: fourteen days/nights (two weeks)

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