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Объясните Across the Curriculum 3 № 2 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a)    Read the headings.
What do you expect to read in
each paragraph in the text?
Read again and match the
headings (A-E) with a
paragraph (1-4). There is one
heading that you do not need to use.
A  Rights for all!
В  Adopting the declaration C Protecting freedom D Rights violations E Human rights history
b)   Listen and read the text again. Explain the words in bold.


a) Predicting text content; matching headings to text
•      Read through headings A-E as a class and
explain/elicit the meaning of any unknown
•      Elicit from Ss what they expect to read in
the paragraphs with these headings.
•      Explain the matching task, stressing that
there is one heading that they do not need
to use.
•      Ss answer individually.
•     Check answers around the class.
Answer Key
1 A 2 E 3 B 4 D
b)  Eliciting meaning from text; expanding vocabulary
•      Play the recording of the text to Ss as they
read it through again.
•      Draw Ss' attention to the words in bold.
Encourage Ss to use the context to
understand the meaning of the words,
before they check in their dictionaries.
Suggested Answer Key
morally: based on principles that people
consider to be right, honest or acceptable
regardless of: despite
race: a group of human beings according to
their physical features, such as the colour of
their skin
value: worth
dignity: sense of importance and value
invented: thought up
civilisations: human societies with highly
developed social organisations
cruelties: cruel actions that deliberately
cause pain or distress to people
injustices: unfair treatment
concern: sth that involves or affects you or is
important to you
adopted: began to have
agreements: written arrangements/decisions
violated: broken/disregarded
treated: dealt with
slave: a person who is owned by someone and
is forced to work for them
punish: make someone suffer for something
they have done
torture: deliberately cause someone great
pain over a period of time, in order to punish
them or to make them reveal information

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