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Обсудите 3C № 5 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

a) Read the pairs of sentences and
discuss how they differ in meaning.
1    a) I remember locking the front door.
b) He remembered to pick up his sister.
a) Sam forgot to take out the rubbish, b) I’ll never forget going to London.
1     a) We stopped to eat lunch.
b) I’ve stopped watching so much TV.
2     a) Try sharing the household chores. It’s
much fairer.
b) I tried to reach the shelf, but I couldn’t.
3     a) I’d prefer to go to the cinema tonight, b) I prefer watching soap operas.
4     a) I washed the dishes, then went on to
vacuum the carpets. b) Adam went on talking for hours!
b)  Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. Give reasons.
1     A: You haven’t stopped ...........  (use) that
credit card, have you?
В: I know. I really can’t go on.......... (spend)
so much.
2      A: Did you remember......... (buy) the meat
for dinner?
B: Oops! I remembered everything else, but I completely forgot........ (do) that!
3      A: I remember.......... (go) to the bank to pay
that bill, but I can’t find the receipt.
B: Try........ (call) them to see if they have a
record of the transaction.
4       A: Could you stop ...........  (buy) some drinks
for the party on your way home?
B: Sure! I’ll try........ (call) Tim to invite him
too. I couldn’t reach him earlier.
5     A: James is going on......... (study) law after
he finishes school.
B: Oh really? I thought he preferred ............
(learn) languages.


a) Discussing differences in meaning
•      Write up the sentences from item 1 on the
•      Invite Ss to comment on the difference in
meaning between them. Refer Ss to the
Grammar Reference section as necessary.
•      Ss discuss the rest of the items with a
partner. Collect feedback from the class and
clarify anything the Ss do not understand.
Answer Key
1     a) I have a memory of locking the front
door. (refers to a memory)
b) He did not forget to pick up his sister.
(expresses purpose)
2      a) did not remember to do sth he was
supposed to. (expresses purpose)
b) will always remember an event. (refers
to a memory)
3      a) We stopped what we were doing to do
sth else. (and then we might resume the
first action or we might not)
b) I am no longer doing sth.
4      a) Do sth to see what will happen as a
b) Attempted to do sth difficult, usually
without success.
5      a) Specific preference with a time reference.
b) General preference with no time
6      a) Stopped doing one thing and then did
b) Did not stop doing sth. (but maybe
should have stopped)
b)  Choosing the correct form of the
•      Select a pair of Ss to read out the first
exchange to the class. Ask them to explain
why they used that form of the verb (with
infinitive or -ing form).
Go through the remainder of the exercise,
inviting new pairs of Ss to read out the
Answer Key
1     A: using (after stop with meaning to give
up permanently)
B: spending (after an expression)
2      A: to buy (after remember with meaning
not to forget)
B: to do (after forget with meaning not to
remember sth)
3      A: going (after remember with meaning to
B: calling (after try with meaning to do as
an experiment)
4      A: to buy (after stop with meaning to
briefly do sth else)
B: to call (after try with meaning
5      A: to study (after an expression)
B: learning (general preference with no
time reference)

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