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Найдите № 30 ГДЗ Английский 9 класс Биболетова М.З.

Work in groups. Choose one of the texts. Read it. Find the sentence that reflects
the idea of the text in the most accurate wav.

A. Family means a lot to me. It's not just two, three or seven people living together, but
a unity of people who support each other in different situations. Anything can happen
in this life, but I know that the only people who will always love and understand me
are my family. Blood is thicker than water. That's why family is much more important
to me than friends. Friends can betray you. There are lots of books and films about
this. They can envy your success at school and your success with girls, and even your
cool jeans or a bike can make them feel jealous. It doesn't matter that I don't have
many friends. And if I get into trouble, the people I ask for advice are my parents.
B. Friends are everything to me. Life isn’t worth living without friends.
My family... they don’t care about me, and frankly speaking. I don’t care
much about them either. The only things they care about are their jobs
and making money. Even my grades at school don’t worry them much.
Sometimes they ask me about my progress, but I’m never sure if they
hear my answer. I would feel absolutely lonely if I did not have friends.
We often gather at my place or somewhere else to speak about life,
listen to music and have fun. Sometimes we quarrel, but I don’t believe
that my friends mean to hurt me. Life is cool with them.
C. I think I'm very lucky. I have a family that loves me and friends I enjoy spending
time with. My parents and I are people of different generations, so we don’t see
the world in the same way. But I know they wish me well and I appreciate their
advice. (Though sometimes I ignore it and forget about it.) They don’t like all
of my friends, but they don’t just say ''no". They try to explain their point of
view, and sometimes I find their arguments quite convincing. I agree that not all
people you go out with can be called friends. Real friends are very rare and you
should cherish them (бережно к ним относиться). And if you happen to find
them, take care of them, never hurt them and try not to lose them.


Работайте в группах. Выберите один из текстов. Прочтите его. Найдите выражение, которое отражает идею текста наиболее точно.
A.     It’s safer to rely on family.
B.   We can’t choose relatives, but we can choose friends — and that’s the thing!
You must be patient and understanding towards the family. They love you and want to help.

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