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Напишите Across the Curriculum 4 № 5 ГДЗ Spotlight Английский 11 класс Афанасьева О.В.

Portfolio: Imagine you lived in London in 1666. Write your diary entries for the days of the fire.


Writing in role
• Ss' eyes closed, ask Ss to imagine that they are
in London in 1666 during the time of the Great
Fire. Ask Ss to imagine what they saw/heard/
•      Ss note down their ideas and then write their
diary entries.
•      Monitor the activity, encouraging Ss to describe
events in as much detail as possible.
•       Invite Ss to read their diary entries to the class.
Suggested Answer Key
I was awoken this morning at around 2 am by
my mother. The whole neighbourhood was in a
panic because there was a big fire that kept
spreading. We had to evacuate our house
quickly. There wasn’t time to take any of our
belongings - we left everything behind and
just felt glad that we were still alive.
I woke up and thought it had all been a dream.
I couldn’t understand why I was at Auntie
Mavis’s house and then I remembered the fire.
Everyone was talking about it all day. No one
could believe that it was still going strong.
Mum and Dad are so sad that we won’t be able
to go back to our home - we have lost
everything. I saw mum crying earlier and I
tried to comfort her. I just want this
nightmare to end.
The fire is still going. Auntie Mavis is
beginning to worry that the fire might come
our way. All we can do is hope and pray that
this house will be saved.
I am so relieved that the fire has been
extinguished. There has been so much damage
to the city. London will never be the same

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