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Модуль (Module) 7b № 3. ГДЗ Английский язык Spotlight 10 класс Афанасьева. Помогите дополнить диалог предложениями

a Read sentences A-F. Where are the speakers? What are they talking about?
A OK, let’s risk it!
В I agree! So... where are we sitting? In the stalls?
C What now?
D I don’t know. They might be reserved..
E Oh, my goodness, I can hardly see the stage!
F Oh, that’s OK ... which row are we on?
b Complete the dialogue with the sentences (A-F). Listen and check. Explain the words in bold.
Jo: This theatre is beautiful! Perfect surroundings for an opera!
Sandra: 1)..............
Jo: No, the stalls were fully booked. Our seats are somewhere in the circle.
Sandra: 2)..............
Jo: Well, let’s see ... our tickets say W10 and W11 so that’s ... err ... five ... six rows up from here... Oh no! We’re in the very back row!
Sandra: 3)..............
Jo: Look! There's a whole row of empty seats a few rows further down. Let’s move over there!
Sandra: 4)..............
Jo: I don’t think so. The performance is about to start.
Sandra: 5)..............
Jo: ... Ah, that’s better... Oh no!
Sandra: 6)..............
Jo: The man who just sat down in front of me is really tall! I can’t see a thing!


b Закончи диалог предложениями (A-F). Прослу­ шай и проверь. Объясни выделенные слова.
1 В
2 F
3 Е
4 D
5 А
6 С

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