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Модуль (Module) 7a № 2. ГДЗ Английский язык Spotlight 10 класс Афанасьева. Помогите определить комментарии

Read the teenagers’ comments in the text on pp. 122-123. Who:
1    says they aren’t mad about something?
2     uses a certain form of entertainment as a way to relax?
3     enjoys something that many other young people enjoy too?
4     mentions actors becoming famous for something else?
5    can’t stop doing something?
"I think it's totally unfair to label today's teenagers as 'the square-eyed generation'. Sure, I like to unwind on a Friday night with a good DVD, but one of my favourite things to do is go dancing at the famous London club 'Ministry of Sound.' You just can't beat the atmosphere when the music's blaring and everybody's dancing!"
Suzy, 18, UK
To be honest, a lot of Mexican teenagers do spend too much time watching TV. Teenage soap operas or 'telenovelas' like 'Rebelde' have become really popular in recent years. The theme tunes in particular are usually really catchy! Members of the cast from these soaps sometimes even go on to record albums and become music stars!"
Maria, 15, Mexico
"I have my own TV in my room, but my favourite thing to do is to go out to 'karaoke' with my friends. Most Japanese teenagers love karaoke. We rent a special room where we can sing along to all the latest music. It's such a good laugh!"
Yoko, 17, Japan
"Indian TV is OK, but I can take it or leave
it. I prefer to go to the cinema to see 'Bollywood’1 movies made by Indian directors. Bollywood movies are more like musicals really, with lots of singing, dancing and quite predictable storylines about things like love and family relationships. The Indian film industry now makes twice as many films as Hollywood you know!"
Sanjit, 16, India
"I have to admit that I’m a bit of a video game addict. The graphics are incredible these days! I also like going to malls with my friends. I think it's the best place to see and be seen, not just a place to spend moneyas many say.
Anya, 18, Russia


Прочитай комментарии тинэйджеров  в тексте на страницах 122-123. Кто:
1  Sanjit
2   Suzy
3  Yoko
4  Maria
5  Anya

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