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Модуль (Module) 5e № 7. ГДЗ Английский язык Spotlight 10 класс Афанасьева. Помогите заполнить наречия

a    Complete the sentences with the following
adverbs: happily, anxiously, slowly, loudly,
patiently, hungrily.
1    There was a long queue for tickets at the train
station, but Nathan waited........... for his turn.
2    Paddy was listening to his car radio as the
traffic was moving ......................  along the
3         Having spent the day trekking in the
mountains, Clare ate .............  in the village’s
only restaurant.
4    "There’s too much snow for us to climb it
today,” John thought............. as he looked at
the mountain.
5    Nora screamed ..............  at the sight of the
huge lion.
6    Barry smiled .............  when his grandchildren
entered the room.
b Use the phrases in bold in Ex. 7a in sentences of your own.


а Закончи предложения следующими наречиями: happily, anxiously, slowly, loudly, patiently, hungrily.
1 patiently 2 slowly
3  hungrily
4   anxiously
5  loudly
6  happily

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