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Модуль (Module) 2. Going Green № 3. ГДЗ Английский язык Spotlight 9 класс Ваулина. О чем статья?

Read the title of the article and the first sentence in each paragraph. What is the article about? Read through and check.
No one really knows how many millions of species of
wildlife exist on Earth, but one thing is for sure, plants and
animals are all around us! Some live in the woodlands,
rivers, hedgerows and ponds in and around our
neighbourhoods. Others live in our school playgrounds,
private gardens or even in the tiny spaces between grains
of sand!
Unfortunately, as towns and cities
get bigger, humans are destroying
these habitats. To build more
houses and roads they are cutting
down trees in woodlands and
forests, which are home to
animals such as foxes, otters, red
squirrels and hedgehogs
and beautiful plants
such as bluebells and daffodils. Litter in the streets harms wildlife and poisonous chemicals
from farms and factories are getting into rivers, ponds and lakes. When this happens, animals
such as frogs, newts and species of birds and fish such as herons and trout can no longer
survive. In the same way, many reptiles are dying out around ponds. In fact, three wildlife
species become extinct every hour because of habitat destruction...and it's humans who are
causing all this damage!
So, what can we do to help protect the habitats around our towns and cities? Well, quite a lot
actually! For example, you could find out about the different animal habitats near your home
and about any problems that they have. Then you can write letters to the local council or wildlife
charities to ask them to do something about the problems. Also, NEVER throw any rubbish in the
street and pick up any litter that you see in woodland, hedgerows, gardens and parks.
Lastly, why not create your own little wildlife habitats in gardens or even on
balconies? It's actually quite easy to do!


Прочитайте заголовок статьи и первые предложения каждого абзаца. О чём эта статья? Прочитайте целиком и проверьте.
The article is about animal habitats and the dan­ gers they face.

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