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Lesson 25. № 14. ГДЗ Английский язык 4 класс Верещагина. Помогите рассказать о городе

Say as much as you can about the town (city) you live in.


Расскажи как можно больше о городе, в котором ты живешь.
I live in a town. Its name is Yuryev. Our town is not far from Moscow and
I often go there. Our town is not very large and famous, but it is beautiful.
In the Museum of Yuryev can learn interesting facts. It is the main mu-
seum in our town. I go to the museum once a month. It’s very easy to get
to the museum from my house. You just need to turn left at the first corner, walk between the market and the hospital, walk two blocks. You’ll
see the traffic lights. The museum is nearby. There are many churches in
our town. They are very old and beautiful. They are made of white stone.
There are 80 streets in our town. They aren’t wide. There aren’t many
shops. Yuryev is famous for its large and beautiful parks. There are many
old trees there. On a hot summer day everyone is usually in the park.
Yuryev is rather a clean town. Everyone here tries to keep it clean. I think
I live in a wonderful town.

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