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Lesson 25. № 12. ГДЗ Английский язык 4 класс Верещагина. Помогите рассказать про Лондон

Your little sister (or brother) doesn’t know anything about London. Say as much as you can about it to him/her. (Try and use Lesson 24. Exercise 8. Lesson 25. Exercise 9.)


Твоя маленькая сестра (или брат) ничего не знает о Лондоне.
Расскажи ей о нем как можно больше (В этом тебе помогут упражнение 8 урока 24 и упражнение 9 урока 25).
London is the biggest city in Britain. There are more than eight million people in London. There are more than 10 thousand streets m London. Most of
them are not very wide. There are many beautiful old churches in London.
One of the oldest churches in London is St Paul’s Cathedral. There are many
shops in London. Oxford Street is London’s main shopping centre. You can
buy clothes, shoes and toys in it. You can find many old and new beautiful
parks in the city. The largest park in London is Hide Park. It’s one of the
most popular places with Londoners on hot summer days.
London is one of the most important cities in the world. It is a centre of
business and tourism. You can find the best theatres, cinemas and museums
in London. The British Museum is not far from Bloomsbury Square and the
square is famous for the Museum. The British Museum is very old. It was
founded in 1753. It is in Great Russell Street. The British Museum has a
large Reading Hall. People from all over the world do shopping in Oxford
Street. London is also famous for its cinemas and theatres. The «Odeon»
Cinema is very famous. I think that the newest films arc always on in this
cinema. The Royal Opera House or Covent Garden is one of the famous
London theatres. By the way, it is in the centre of the vegetable market.
Bloomsbury square is one of the oldest in London. It is more than 300 years
old. It is the literary part of the city. Many writers and critics live there.

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