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Lesson 23. № 1. ГДЗ Английский язык 4 класс Верещагина. Помогите разместить мебель

Look at the pictures and “furnish” the rooms of the flat.


     Посмотрите на картинки и «заставьте» квартиру мебелью.
When you come into the flat you enter the hall. I will put a wardrobe along
the left wall and a telephone on the small table. There will be a mirror over
that table. On the right is box-room (кладовка), it will be free. There is a
kitchen on the right. I will put here a cooker, a dining table, four chairs
around it, a kitchen sink and a fridge. There will be a cupboard too. There
is a bathroom next to the kitchen. There will be another mirror and a
wash-hand basin (раковина). The next room is the living room. I’ll put
here two armchairs, a sofa and a fire-place along the right wall. I’ll hang
curtains on the window and place a TV-set in the right comer. There will
be a carpet on the floor. My room is opposite the entrance. I will furnish it
with sofa, two chairs and a table with a computer on it.

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